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to be prepared for an incident

Monitoring solutions for civil protection

Preparedness is the key: In case of an incident, mobile versions of MIRA and SARA can be deployed in a few minutes and autonomously monitor the radiation at their location. LTE and satellite backup ensure that no data is lost. The portable MONA EPR with local display supports your responders on-site, delivering nuclide-specific information to the monitoring center in real time. And the classic MONA’s high sensitivity and shortest measurement times complete the tasks by delivering data from the ground and the air on the spot. NMC combines all the data and forwards it to your decision support system. Know what is happening and what is coming for the best decision you can make.


  • SARA
  • MIRA
    Gamma Dose Rate
  • MONA
    Mobile Spectroscopic
    Mobile Spectroscopic
  • SARA – Spectroscopic Detection of Gamma Radiation

    For the first time, SARA enables permanent spectroscopic online monitoring of gamma radiation, including automatic nuclide analysis, without any time restrictions and under any climatic operating conditions. In addition to monitoring in the air, a series is also available for continuous operation in water.
    By means of online spectrometry, SARA is able to detect very low concentrations of artificial nuclides, thus allowing nuclear events to be identified quickly and effectively. This constitutes a significant improvement in the early warning function of radiation monitoring systems. The various technical specifications and configuration options support a diverse range of applications.

  • MIRA – Gamma Dose Rate Detection

    MIRA is a highly versatile and flexible gamma dose rate monitoring system that measures the ambient equivalent dose rate H*(10). The modular design facilitates its use and configuration for a diverse range of applications. MIRA is available in two models, a gamma detector as well as a gamma monitoring station.

    MIRA can be used for fixed installations as well as semi-mobile temporary applications. A particular feature is its extremely low power consumption that enables unlimited autonomous operating time. MIRA can thus be operated for many weeks with its integrated battery or for unlimited operation time with the integrated solar panel. In combination with wireless data transmission (GPRS and/or radio), MIRA can also be used as an autonomous monitoring station.

  • MONA – Mobile Radiation Detection

    MONA is ENVINET’s mobile spectroscopic detection and survey system for use in land vehicles, aircrafts or watercrafts. MONA is able to detect smallest amounts of artificial radiation in the environment, coming from potential threats like nuclear incidents or accidents, non-authorized usage of radioactive sources, dirty bombs etc.

    MONA is used by mobile emergency response teams for the detection and localization of radiation contamination in the environment. The system acquires the gamma spectrum, identifies the isotopes, and calculates the total gamma dose rate as well as the dose rate for each identified nuclide.

  • MONA EPR – Mobile Spectroscopic Detection System

    MONA-EPR is the customized, self-contained spectroscopic in-situ gamma detector for RN emergency preparedness and response. It is designed to measure and analyze online and continuously the gamma spectra under extreme environmental conditions. MONA-EPR is based on the wellestablished SARA for environmental monitoring and can detect even minor changes of the composition of the nuclear spectra in the environment. This significantly improves the recognition and identification of artificial isotopes. It is designed for vehicle operation as well as for backpack outdoor use, even in harsh environments. Analysis results are presented on the local display. In addition, MONA-EPR transmits the measured data automatically to the monitoring center in real time. An integrated web server facilitates additional data access using a web browser.



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