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Remediation & Mining

locations with potentially radioactivity concentrations

Monitoring solutions for oil and gas exploration and mining

Radioactivity in potentially harmful concentrations is not always manmade. NORM and TENORM are also found in oil and gas exploration and mining. This concerns thorium and uranium mines as well as many precious metal and rare earth mines where the former two are typical accompanying elements. Even in inactive mines, their washout can lead to dose rates in the μSv/h range. MIRA safely monitors the ambient dose rate equivalent, while SARA Water over- sees effluents in nearby water bodies. For remediation activities, the radiological before/after comparison ensures that your success is properly credited.


  • MIRA
    Gamma Dose Rate
  • TUNA
  • NMC
  • MIRA – Gamma Dose Rate Detection

    MIRA is a highly versatile and flexible gamma dose rate monitoring system that measures the ambient equivalent dose rate H*(10). The modular design facilitates its use and configuration for a diverse range of applications. MIRA is available in two models, a gamma detector as well as a gamma monitoring station.

    MIRA can be used for fixed installations as well as semi-mobile temporary applications. A particular feature is its extremely low power consumption that enables unlimited autonomous operating time. MIRA can thus be operated for many weeks with its integrated battery or for unlimited operation time with the integrated solar panel. In combination with wireless data transmission (GPRS and/or radio), MIRA can also be used as an autonomous monitoring station.

  • TUNA – Spectroscopic Detection System

    TUNA enables permanent spectroscopic online ring monitoring of gamma radiation, including automatic nuclide analysis, in water up to a depth of 500 metres without any time restrictions.

    TUNA is able to detect very low concentrations of artificial nuclides, thereby allowing nuclear events to be identified more quickly and effectively. This constitutes a significant improvement in the early warning function of radiation monitoring systems. The different technical solutions and configurations possibility allow several applications.

  • NMC – Network Monitoring Center

    Scienta Envinet’s highly scalable, web-based GIS solution for real-time monitoring of environmental parameters. NMC is optimized for radioactivity measurements with deep integration of supported probes and can be easily extended for meterology, air and water monitoring. Its modular design with alarming, statistic and data-exchange functions allows for fine-grained tuning of day-to-day monitoring activities as well as emergency preparedness and disaster response.

    NMC is Scienta Envinet’s central monitoring solution. The scalable platform administers and oversees environmental monitoring stations and offers extensive services in the validation, presentation, evaluation and analysis of data to meet even the highest requirements.



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