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Spectroscopic Aerosol Monitoring System

The ideal solution for monitoring environmental air radioactivity

Based on Scienta Envinet’s tried-and-tested, reliable spectroscopic solution SARA, SIRA detects extremely low amounts of artificial radioactivity in the air. The robust design, high automation, flexible analysis, easy handling and seamless integration into existing surveillance networks make SIRA the comprehensive answer to your air monitoring requirements. The gamma spectroscopic aerosol monitor combines industry-leading components, namely Scienta Envinet’s SARA from Germany and an aerosol sampler made by Digitel Elektronik AG of Switzerland. A perfectly coordinated mechanical design is paired with sophisticated algorithms that control the monitor with maximum precision and analyze the measurement data in situ.

SIRA consists of a sophisticated collecting unit: up to 5.7 m³ of ambient air are pumped per hour through the sampler where the aerosols are separated on the filter. With its automatic switching mechanism, the filter magazine enables the maintenance-free operation. Each of the 60 filters can be removed individually, making it easy to carry out follow-up analysis in the lab if required at any time. However, this is rarely necessary as SARA’s gamma spectroscopic CeBr³ detector that is located directly above the filter enables the station to identify radionuclides automatically, directly alerting the monitoring center in the event of an incident. This eliminates the need for complex back-ground corrections, which are prone to error.

  • Nationwide networks
  • Ring monitoring around nuclear power plants
  • Area monitoring
  • Detector: CeBr³, optional NaI (Tl)
  • Internal heating of sampling pipe (optional)
  • Gamma nuclide activity evaluation for each spectrum according to ISO11929
  • Freely configurable nuclide library
  • Flow rate: 0.3 – 5.7 m³/h
  • Filter size: 47 mm
  • Filter magazine for 60 days autonomous operation
  • Compact size, small footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Local spectrum evaluation and data storage
  • No compressed air, no counting gas, no cooling required


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