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Gamma Dose Rate Monitoring Systems


is the fully autonomous and compact GMT-based gamma dose rate monitoring system. Its modular system enables manifold, application-specific configurations and communication methods. ... More

Spectroscopic Detection Systems


is the spectroscopic system for continuous environmental gamma radiation monitoring,
both stationary and mobile. Its modular concept allows it to adapt to any environment. ... More


enables permanent spectroscopic monitoring of gamma radiation, including automatic nuclide analysis, in water up to a depth of 2000 metres without any time restrictions. ... More

Mobile Spectroscopic Detection Systems


is Scienta Envinet’s mobile spectroscopic detection and survey system for vehicle or airborne use. It is able to detect the smallest amounts of artificial radiation in the environment. ... More


is a self-contained spectroscopic in-situ gamma detector for RN emergency preparedness and response. It is designed to measure and analyze online and continuously the gamma spectra. ... More

Radioactive Xenon Monitoring Systems


stationed on own territory, SAUNA QUBE monitors distant nuclear events. Radioactive xenon is the earliest indicator of irregularities in the operation of nuclear facilities.
... More


is a fully automatic system for detection of radioactive xenon gas in the ambient atmosphere. It performs uninterrupted sampling, processing, quantification, and activity measurement xenon isotopes. ... More

Aerosol Monitoring System


is the solution for automatic and highly sensitive monitoring of airborne radioactivity concentration. It combines the strengths of SARA with that of a renowned aerosol sampler. ... More



is a web-based GIS solution for real-time monitoring of environmental parameters. It is optimised for radioactivity measurements and extensible for meterology, air and water monitoring. ... More


is Scienta Envinet’s monitoring network centre solution specifically tailored to the requirements of air monitoring, but can also be used for smaller and larger monitoring networks. ... More