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About Scienta Envinet

Leading in Environmental Radiation Protection

A safer and cleaner environment protected from radiation.

Scienta Envinet formed in 2021 when Scienta Sensor Systems and ENVINET joined under the Scienta Scientific Group. Together, Scienta Envinet delivers powerful early warning and environmental radiation monitoring systems to timely quantify and minimize the impact of nuclear radiation releases.
Scienta Envinet combines the strengths of market-leading gamma radiation detection systems systems, and the radioactive Xenon early warning systems specialities. This allows us to supply the most comprehensive and integrated Radiation Protection Network solution from one source in the industry.
Scienta Envinet’s product offerings are supported through the Scienta Scientific global sales and services organisation. This even further simplifies and expands access to products, services and support for you and our 100+ loyal customers world-wide.

Join forces with Scienta Envinet to establish and optimize your surveillance of background radiation in the environment. You benefit from our sophisticated spectrum of products. From measuring probes to central control and analysis software, it offers turnkey, fully integrated solutions for innumerable applications from mobile monitoring stations to ring monitoring networks around nuclear facilities, right through to nationwide monitoring networks.

Over five thousand monitoring stations have been manufactured, shipped out and put into operation all over the world, where they reliably record the ground-based, airborne and water-based activity at their respective locations: in the field, on rooftops, near nuclear power plants, research reactors, reprocessing plants and medical facilities, at active and abandoned mines, in rivers, lakes and the ocean, mounted on cars and in helicopters, on boats and fire engines. Whether our products are standard or custom-made, the range of applications has just as many facets as our users’ creativity.

We have long been providing the perfect solution for your requirements. We intend to build on this in the future with innovative products, first-class service and strong partnerships. Together, we are a byword for the reliable monitoring of environmental radiation.

Certified According to ISO 9001

Scienta Envinet‘s mission is to continue to develop innovative, high quality and user-friendly solutions for improved environmental monitoring, thereby playing our part in protecting the population and the environment.
In order to achieve our goal of offering our customers high quality products and services, we have introduced a quality management system that serves our mission accordingly. This QM system has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


1985 Start of activity: Hörmann supplies 140 data loggers of the DLM-series for the renewal of the nationwide radioactivity measuring network to the German Federal Office for Civil Protection
2000 The software company TechniData acquires the Business Unit “Environmental Network Solutions” from Hörmann
2010 Spin-off of ENVINET GmbH
2021 Scienta Envinet was founded when Scienta Sensor Systems and ENVINET GmbH joined
under the Scienta Scientific Group.