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Area & Ring Monitoring

for Air and Water Radiation Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Systems für Nuclear Power Plants

We offer a range of different solutions for ring monitoring and area monitoring in nuclear power plants based on the products SARA and MIRA that take account of the respective requirements with regard to autonomous operation, enhanced availability and reliability, secure data exchange and the integration of additional measurement parameters.

Our monitoring systems for air and water radiation in nuclear power plants consistently use state-of-the-art data communication technology (LAN, WiFi, fieldbus and radio transmission) based on standardized data logs. This allows for efficient implementation, offering comprehensive functionality and ease of use and securing the investment for many years. The extensive product range and the versatile equipment facilitate the connection to diverse sensor and analytical technologies as well as the integration into existing infrastructure.


  • SARA
  • MIRA
    Gamma Dose Rate
  • SIRA
  • NMC
  • SARA – Spectroscopic Detection of Gamma Radiation

    For the first time, SARA enables permanent spectroscopic online monitoring of gamma radiation, including automatic nuclide analysis, without any time restrictions and under any climatic operating conditions. In addition to monitoring in the air, a series is also available for continuous operation in water.
    By means of online spectrometry, SARA is able to detect very low concentrations of artificial nuclides, thus allowing nuclear events to be identified quickly and effectively. This constitutes a significant improvement in the early warning function of radiation monitoring systems. The various technical specifications and configuration options support a diverse range of applications.

  • MIRA – Gamma Dose Rate Detection

    MIRA is a highly versatile and flexible gamma dose rate monitoring system that measures the ambient equivalent dose rate H*(10). The modular design facilitates its use and configuration for a diverse range of applications. MIRA is available in two models, a gamma detector as well as a gamma monitoring station.

    MIRA can be used for fixed installations as well as semi-mobile temporary applications. A particular feature is its extremely low power consumption that enables unlimited autonomous operating time. MIRA can thus be operated for many weeks with its integrated battery or for unlimited operation time with the integrated solar panel. In combination with wireless data transmission (GPRS and/or radio), MIRA can also be used as an autonomous monitoring station.

  • SIRA – Aerosol Monitoring

    SIRA is ENVINET‘s solution for the automatic, ongoing monitoring of airborne activity concentration. The system‘s data interfaces and transmission paths are identical to those of the SARA spectroscopic dose rate probe. As SIRA can be integrated in existing and new NMC monitoring networks, it is the perfect complement to dose rate probes in monitoring networks.

    SIRA consists of a collecting unit, through which the ambient air is drawn. The particles contained therein are separated via a filter. While the particles are being collected, the detector above the filter monitors them for radioactive components on an ongoing basis. The readings can be accessed online at any time.

  • NMC – Network Monitoring Center

    Scienta Envinet’s highly scalable, web-based GIS solution for real-time monitoring of environmental parameters. NMC is optimized for radioactivity measurements with deep integration of supported probes and can be easily extended for meterology, air and water monitoring. Its modular design with alarming, statistic and data-exchange functions allows for fine-grained tuning of day-to-day monitoring activities as well as emergency preparedness and disaster response.

    NMC is Scienta Envinet’s central monitoring solution. The scalable platform administers and oversees environmental monitoring stations and offers extensive services in the validation, presentation, evaluation and analysis of data to meet even the highest requirements.



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