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Spectroscopic Detection Systems

Spectroscopic Detection of Gamma Radiation

For the first time, SARA enables permanent spectroscopic online monitoring of gamma radiation, including automatic nuclide analysis, without any time restrictions and under any climatic operating conditions. In addition to monitoring in the air, a series is also available for continuous operation in water.
By means of online spectrometry, SARA is able to detect very low concentrations of artificial nuclides, thus allowing nuclear events to be identified quickly and effectively. This constitutes a significant improvement in the early warning function of radiation monitoring systems. The various technical specifications and configuration options support a diverse range of applications.

  • Ring monitoring systems around nuclear
  • Nationwide monitoring networks
  • Area monitoring
  • Laboratory and system monitoring
  • Temporary measurement
  • Transport monitoring
  • Civil defense and disaster control
  • Desalination plant
  • Sea and fresh water monitoring
  • Fast automatic detection of very low artificial radiation
  • Continuous acquisition of the gamma spectra in configurable time interval (1 minute and longer)
  • In-situ isotope identification
  • Isotope-based alarm management
  • Detection of the gamma dose rate
  • Extended gamma dose rate range with optional integrated Geiger-Mueller detector
  • Extended spectroscopic gamma dose rate range with optional high dose rate spectrometer
  • Standardized data exchange according to ANSI N42.42 (XML based)
  • LAN and RS232 interfaces


  • SARA
    Fixed Station
  • SARA
    Mobile Station
  • SARA
    Autonomous Station
  • SARA
    Customized Solutions
  • SARA – Fixed Spectroscopic Station

    This base unit is suitable for pole or wall mounting. The power supply can be 110 V/230 V or solar power. An integrated battery allows an uninterrupted operation in the case of power failurs. In the base unit several other communications interfaces like DSL, Satelit or Tetra can be realized. The robust stainless steel housing ensures a long life time, even under extreme environmental conditions.configuration options support a diverse range of applications.

  • SARA – Mobile Spectroscopic Station

    This base unit is for quick deployment as in an emergency case. The retractable feet allow the monitoring station to be set up and commissioned without delay. Therefore it is particularly suitable for temporary deployment in a wide variety of applications. No infrastructure whatsoever is required as the power is supplied by a battery which can be complemented with a solar panel. The data communication usually takes place via wireless interfaces as LTE/UMTS/GPRS. For localisation of the station a GPS module is installed.

  • SARA – Autonomous Station

    The base unit allows the installation without infrastructur also in regions with lower insolation in the winter as e.g. central europa. With a solar power supply the SARA detector is supplied. A battery serves as backup power supply in the case of interruptes of the power supply. A stable foot ensures a safe stand – a solid ground is the only requirement for installation.

  • SARA – Customized Solution

    If you‘re looking for a perfectly coordinated solution for your individual monitoring projects and targets, Scienta Envinet‘s product portfolio c overs the entire range: Mobile and stationary probes; radiation, air and weather data; proprietary and third-party products – NMC and Scienta Envinet products can be integrated seamlessly into your system.


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