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Monitoring Center for air quality monitoring

Solution for monitoring air quality

AMC is Scienta Envinet‘s monitoring network centre solution specifically tailored to the requirements of air monitoring. It is mainly used for monitoring air at the level of the federal states, but can also be used for smaller and larger monitoring networks.
Every air monitoring network, or every operator of an air monitoring network in the EU, is in principle subject to the same requirements regarding the fulfilment of the task according to the EU directives. First of all, pollutants and meteorological parameters in the air must be measured. As a rule, several of these pollutants and/or meteorological parameters are measured, managed and stored in a measuring station.
These measured values are retrieved from a monitoring centre, where they are collected and archived. This is followed by a process of quality assurance of the measurement results to ensure that only correct measurement results are further processed. Afterwards, the measured values must be condensed on the basis of EU and/or German (federal and/or state) guidelines. Finally, these values are made available to the EU, the federal government, the population, various media (internet, telephone announcements, television for teletext, newspapers, ...).
With the application software „Air Monitoring Center (AMC)“, Scienta Envinet provides the operators of air monitoring networks with a user-friendly software system optimised for this task in order to support the fulfilment of the above-mentioned „core“ tasks as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

  • Measurement network management and control
  • Station retrieval via various protocols
  • Import of data
  • Sequence control with graphical editor
  • Automatic plausibility check
  • Manual plausibility check
  • Calculations
  • Data presentation
  • Alerting
  • Data transfer
  • Scalable client server system
  • Uses SQL databasesCalculations and exports according to the „Air Quality Data and Information Exchange in Germany“ manual
  • Extensive calculations (frequency distribution, wind roses and many more)
  • Dynamic table display (e.g. for cross tabulations)
  • Graphics with predefinable schemes (colour, font)
  • Easy extension with customer-specific requirements for import, export and calculations
  • Rights system
  • Extensive monitoring
  • Separation into raw, finished, laboratory and calculated data
  • Proof of every plausibility change
  • Management of calibration data
  • Control room with multiple screens and configurable slideshows
  • API for retrieving master data and writing values



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