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Mobile Spectroscopic Detection System

Mobile Spectroscopic Detection of Gamma Radiation

MONA is Scienta Envinet’s mobile spectroscopic detection and survey system for vehicle or airborne use. It is able to detect the smallest amounts of artificial radiation in the environment. The system acquires the gamma spectra and identifies the isotopes, calculates the total gamma dose rate as well as the dose rate for each identified nuclide. It compares the measured and calculated results with predefined alarm levels and uses GPS data to assign the actual monitoring location to the related data records and spectra.

MONA combines state-of-the-art detector technologies with a modern software environment. In combination with the robust design, the intuitive user interface enables operation under any environmental conditions. It is easy to use and the integrated sophisticated analysis provides all information needed for decision-making.

  • Survey and detection of gamma contamination in the environment
  • Uncovering and localization of hidden radioactive material
  • Vehicle and airborne acquisition of surface contamination profiles (area screening)
  • Support during nuclear emergencies for civil defense, fire brigades and radiation protection
  • Routine measurements around nuclear installations
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Real-time detection and directional localization of very low artificial contamination
  • Fast acquisition (up to 0.1 s, depending on configuration) provides high spatial resolution
  • Automatic energy calibration
  • Supervision of detectors and electronic devices
  • WiFi for wireless communication between detector and control unit
  • Integrated battery supply for autonomous operation
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Selectable alarm levels
  • Map server with preinstalled OpenStreet maps
  • Comprehensive track management and visualization
  • Web interface for easy data access and configuration
  • 3G / LTE adapter for data export to monitoring center NMC
  • Extendable with additional detectors (optional)
  • Integrated accuracy test


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