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Mobile Spectroscopic Detection System

Mobile Spectroscopic Detection of Gamma Radiation

MONA-EPR is the customized, self-contained spectroscopic in-situ gamma detector for RN emergency preparedness and response. It is designed to measure and analyze online and continuously the gamma spectra under extreme environmental conditions. MONA-EPR is based on the wellestablished SARA for environmental monitoring and can detect even minor changes of the composition of the nuclear spectra in the environment. This significantly improves the recognition and identification of artificial isotopes. It is designed for vehicle operation as well as for backpack outdoor use, even in harsh environments.

The NaI(Tl)-based scintillation detector provides the necessary energy resolution under a wide range of operation conditions. The integrated embedded Linux-PC enables online isotope identification and versatile data exchange through several interfaces. The standardized ANSI N42.42 protocol allows for manifold data exchange. Analysis results are presented on the local display. In addition, MONA-EPR transmits the measured data automatically to the monitoring center in real time. An integrated web server facilitates additional data access using a web browser. It measures the total and nuclide specific gamma dose rate in units of the ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10). The instrument comes optionally with a tablet PC or Notebook equipped with NMC, which can show the tracks on a map, exchange data and can perform offline spectrum re-analysis.

  • Survey and detection of gamma contamination in the environment
  • Uncovering and localization of hidden radioactive material
  • Vehicle and airborne acquisition of surface contamination profiles (area screening)
  • Support during nuclear emergencies for civil defense, fire brigades and radiation protection
  • Routine measurements around nuclear installations
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Fast detection of very low artificial radiation
  • Online spectrum analysis and isotope identification
  • Local daylight readable display
  • Four tracking modes: None, Real, Test, Maintenance
  • Standardized data protocol ANSI N42.42-2012
  • Operation under harsh environmental conditions
  • Integrated GPS, integrated battery
  • Rugged case, operation with gloves possible
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Detector verification supported automatically with optional test set
  • LTE cellular network (4G/3G/2G)
  • Integrated LTE and GPS antenna (optionally external)


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