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The container that has it all

The new installation in Portugal offers full-capacity monitoring and ensures enhanced security.

About eighteen months ago, we took this opportunity to present Scienta Envinet's new aerosol monitor SIRAthe custom-built combination of the leading SARA component, our spectroscopic gamma probe, and DIGITEL's powerful sampler. Today, we are delighted to report that the two SIRA devices, installed in Portugal and managed by the Portuguese Environment Agency, APA, have completed their first six months of successful operation. With maximum precision and sensitivity, they monitor the air in two regions of the country to detect any radioactive contamination and are thus an essential part of Portugal's early warning system.


Thanks to a MIRA with integrated weather station, SIRA adds an intelligent extra level to the APA installation, located in an ISO container with break-in protection. Not only does this ensure the availability of all precipitation data required to evaluate dose rate peaks, it also provides a reliable measuring option for higher local dose rates and ground-based activity. The container houses a workstation as well as other analysis facilities, e.g. to analyse alpha radiation. SIRA's filters can be removed individually and are thus accessible around the clock for subsequent laboratory analysis.

The container installation is just one example of the numerous creative and condition-based solutions designed by Scienta Envinet and our local partners, like Ambifirst. We are your one-stop shop for turnkey, tailored system solutions: hardware, software and a complete service package – all optimally synchronized. As a matter of course, the central NMC installation in the APA headquarters near Lisbon processes the data transmitted by SIRA as well as that of the peripheral equipment integrated in the containers. Backed up by the nationwide monitoring networks of MIRA and SARA, APA can thus rely on a formidable infrastructure for monitoring environmental radiation.

If you're looking for a perfectly coordinated solution for your individual monitoring projects and targets, Scienta Envinet's product portfolio covers the entire range: from radio-xenon to aerosols and spectroscopy through to single-purpose gamma dose rate measurement, offering customized and flexible configurations. Contact our team of specialists today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or just pick up the phone and dial +49 (89) 45 66 57-0. We look forward to hearing from you.

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