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Mobile Monitoring

for measuring vehicles and aircraft

Mapping and source search

No matter whether your mapping application is portable, car or airborne, MONA is the ideal choice. With a typical detector size of 4l, scalable up to 16l, and 1-second acquisition intervals, no radiological feature is missed. With the perfect integration in NMC, creating radiological maps is easy, and so is the search for orphan sources. MONA is also well suited for static monitoring of moving objects, such as luggage or mail. For lean mapping, counterterrorism and surveillance applications, an inconspicuous back-pack version is available.

The detection and localization of radioactive environmental contamination require highly sensitive monitoring systems with short measurement times in order to be able to quickly monitor large or scan extended areas. Our products may be operated independently or used as integral components of monitoring networks.


  • MONA
    Mobile Spectroscopic
    Mobile Spectroscopic
  • NMC
  • MONA – Mobile Radiation Detection

    MONA is ENVINET’s mobile spectroscopic detection and survey system for use in land vehicles, aircrafts or watercrafts. MONA is able to detect smallest amounts of artificial radiation in the environment, coming from potential threats like nuclear incidents or accidents, non-authorized usage of radioactive sources, dirty bombs etc.

    MONA is used by mobile emergency response teams for the detection and localization of radiation contamination in the environment. The system acquires the gamma spectrum, identifies the isotopes, and calculates the total gamma dose rate as well as the dose rate for each identified nuclide.

  • MONA EPR – Mobile Spectroscopic Detection System

    MONA-EPR is the customized, self-contained spectroscopic in-situ gamma detector for RN emergency preparedness and response. It is designed to measure and analyze online and continuously the gamma spectra under extreme environmental conditions. MONA-EPR is based on the well established SARA for environmental monitoring and can detect even minor changes of the composition of the nuclear spectra in the environment. This significantly improves the recognition and identification of artificial isotopes. It is designed for vehicle operation as well as for backpack outdoor use, even in harsh environments. Analysis results are presented on the local display. In addition, MONA-EPR transmits the measured data automatically to the monitoring center in real time. An integrated web server facilitates additional data access using a web browser.

  • NMC – Network Monitoring Center

    Scienta Envinet’s highly scalable, web-based GIS solution for real-time monitoring of environmental parameters. NMC is optimized for radioactivity measurements with deep integration of supported probes and can be easily extended for meterology, air and water monitoring. Its modular design with alarming, statistic and data-exchange functions allows for fine-grained tuning of day-to-day monitoring activities as well as emergency preparedness and disaster response.

    NMC is Scienta Envinet’s central monitoring solution. The scalable platform administers and oversees environmental monitoring stations and offers extensive services in the validation, presentation, evaluation and analysis of data to meet even the highest requirements.



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