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Radioxenon Monitoring

localises and reveals

Scalable radioxenon monitoring solution

A change of perspective: stationed on own territory, SAUNA QUBE monitors distant nuclear events. Radioactive xenon is the earliest indicator of irregularities in the operation of nuclear facilities. The isotope signature reveals the type of source and its condition, the array concept the point of origin.

The array concept improves geographic coverage and thus the earliest warning capability, compared to a single unit. It also improves source localization since individual detections are spread out in both time and space, especially when combined with atmospheric data and diffusion models.

The radioxenon monitoring solution can be applied in ealiest warning, source localization, remote NPP monitoring and identification of nuclear weapon tests.


  • NMC
  • SAUNA QUBE – Radioxenon Monitoring System

    SAUNA QUBE is the latest generation, fully automated system to measure the activity concentration of radioactive xenon in the atmosphere. QUBE uses a series of adsorption stages to extract xenon gas from the air. The volume of the xenon sample is measured and then transferred to a detector to measure the activity of the four relevant xenon isotopes using beta-gamma coincidence spectroscopy.

    QUBE is highly scalable, operating as a single unit and in an array of multiple QUBE units spread over a larger geographic region. The array concept improves source localization and characterization. It also increases robustness compared to a single system as the array continues to function even if a single unit is down. Exchanging an individual unit is easy because of its transportability and plug-and-play design.

  • NMC – Network Monitoring Center

    Scienta Envinet’s highly scalable, web-based GIS solution for real-time monitoring of environmental parameters. NMC is optimized for radioactivity measurements with deep integration of supported probes and can be easily extended for meterology, air and water monitoring. Its modular design with alarming, statistic and data-exchange functions allows for fine-grained tuning of day-to-day monitoring activities as well as emergency preparedness and disaster response.

    NMC is Scienta Envinet’s central monitoring solution. The scalable platform administers and oversees environmental monitoring stations and offers extensive services in the validation, presentation, evaluation and analysis of data to meet even the highest requirements.



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