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Area & Ring Monitoring

One of the most demanding applications in environmental monitoring. SARA in two measurement rings, ideally densified with the leaner MIRA, a perfect solution emerges. ... More

Remediation & Mining

Radioactivity in potentially harmful concentrations is not always man-made. NORM and TENORM are also found in oil and gas exploration and mining.
... More

Xenon Monitoring

Scienta Envinet’s SAUNA QUBE is able to monitor distant nuclear events. Radioxenon is the earliest indicator of irregularities in the operation of nuclear facilities. ... More

Customized Solution

The applications of Scienta Envinet’s equipment are as manifold as your ideas. The modularity and flexibility of our stations offer a wide range of additional usage scenarios. ... More

Nationwide Monitoring

For nationwide radiation monitoring, we offer a range of different products, data acquisition systems, communication technology and high performance software. ... More

CBRN Solution

Preparedness is the key: In case of an incident, mobile versions of MIRA and SARA can be deployed in a few minutes and autonomously
monitor the radiation at their location. ... More

Mobile Monitoring

No matter whether your mapping application is portable, car or airborne, MONA is the ideal choice. With the perfect integration in NMC, creating radiological maps is easy. ... More