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Radionuclide Monitoring System

A fully automated radionuclide continuous monitoring system

SAUNA is a fully automatic system for detection of radioactive xenon gas in the ambient atmosphere. SAUNA III performs uninterrupted sampling, processing, quantification, and activity measurement of the four xenon isotopes 133Xe, 135Xe, 133mXe, and 131mXe. The SAUNA system comprises a sampling system, processing system, quantification system, detector transfer system, detection system, UPS system and a State of Health system for system supervision. The instrument has a modular design and everything except the detection system is installed in 19” racks.

Existing SAUNA II systems can easily be upgraded to SAUNA III by replacing a few modules. The close strategic cooperation with Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), who has world-leading expertise in the field of radio-xenon detection and analysis, vouch for continuously improvements of the system, which will give the user better performance and data availability. This will maintain our position as the No. 1 supplier of radio-nuclide monitoring equipment.

  • Superior source detection and localization due to the high sample frequency
  • High probability to detect all four radioxenon isotopes improving characterization of an event
  • Increased usage of remote monitoring NPP’s due to the ultra-high sensitivity.
  • Low operational cost due to nitrogen as carrier gas
  • Proven technology
  • Historical track record of high uptime
  • 6 hours data resolution gives better source localization
  • Wireless service interface Bluetooth
  • Nitrogen used as carrier gas lowers operational cost
  • Highly sensitive beta-gamma detection gives low detection limits for 133Xe, 135Xe, 133mXe, and 131mXe
  • Automatic adjustment of detector energy drift
  • Remote operation and diagnosis
  • Data continuously transferred to user


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